What to Expect

When you visit Bethel Chapel, you will discover a variety of people from all backgrounds. Our church has historically been largely represented by those over sixty years of age. However, with the appointed of a new, younger pastor and the establishment of a church leadership team, the vision and plan for Bethel Chapel is to become a family church, relevant for all ages.

Though we currently meet in our own small church, plans are under way for a complete refurbishment and vast expansion. The aim is to house various ministries impacting all ages.

What brings us together is the knowledge that Jesus Christ has made all the difference in our lives. We express this through our worship, sharing joys and challenges, deep friendships and by trying to show and speak of Jesus’ love to others.

You can expect a warm and genuine, friendly gathering in which you should find hope and encouragement.

We are a vibrant, growing church with a passion to see people’s lives transformed and enriched by the love of Jesus. We try to be culturally relevant without compromising our Christian beliefs and principles, seeking to be faithful followers of Jesus in our society today. There is no perfect church, (including ours). However, we are consistently looking to create a culture of welcome, love and where everyone is treated like a VIP..

Upon your visit, you would likely be met at the door and welcomed in by our greeters. In this post-Covid world we tend not to shake hands, but you would be welcomed and shown to available seats.

There is no dress code, and no expectation on what to wear.

Our Sunday morning service begins 10.30am and generally runs for an hour. Following this, we head to another part of the church for a time to sit and chat together. It’s not always easy for those visiting for the first time, but it won’t take long before you are relaxed and comfortable, enjoying meeting new people, with some refreshments. (all complimentary).

If you have babies or young toddlers, there is a separate area to take them if desired, where speakers will be playing the service. Sunday school classes are being planned for yrs 4-7, 8-12, and 12+. Plans for a new church youth group with their own youth room will be incorporated in our new church building.

If you would like to find out more, then please use the ‘Contact Us’ form where you can request a visit from the church pastor who would be happy to share further about Bethel Chapel.

We hope to see you soon.