Church Leadership

Danny Miller

Danny is the pastor of Bethel Chapel. He joined the church as pastor in May 2021. Danny has served with the Assemblies of God as an ordained pastor for a number of years, and also served as a trainer with the AoG, training probationary ministers and supporting them through their own accreditation. Danny has a passion for teaching God’s Word and a heart for missions. He became a Christian at the age of 14 at a bible camp near Winchester, Hampshire and is also a bible school graduate. Danny has an MA in Missional leadership, he is a visionary and carries a ‘shepherds heart’ to those in Bethel Chapel and across the community.

Danny is also an author (Church Leadership in China), hosts a devotional podcast (Magnificent Obsession), and is a Radio Presenter with Hope FM in Bournemouth, UK. Hosting an interview style show each Tuesday from 10-12 noon GMT. Danny also presents Church Consultancy Workshops for church leaders and their teams in the UK and overseas.

Danny is married to Joanna since 2002 and they have two teenage daughters.

Brendan Murphy

Brendan is a member of the Senior Leadership Team at Bethel Chapel.

Brendan moved to Verwood from Northern Ireland in 1982. He enjoys listening to Christian music, playing the guitar and riding his motorbike. (not all at the same time). Brendan is also a keen golfer and enjoys the outdoors. In the past he has climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and raised money for ‘Fight for Sight’. Brendan has a heart for missions and recently travelled to the Ukraine to help renovate an orphanage for teenagers.

Brendan is a gifted leader who carries a quiet strength and wisdom. His favourite scripture is Philippians 4:13 ‘I can do all things, through Christ who strengthens me’.

Brendan is married to Clare, and have three grown up children and seven grandchildren.

Steve Cable

Steve is a member of the Senior Leadership Team, (SLT), and has been part of the Bethel family in Verwood for over twenty years. Steve has also served in the music group and is a talented bass player. Bethel Chapel is especially dear to Steve as it was here that he truly came to know the Lord and asked Jesus into his life.

Steve is a business owner who has successfully run his own business for the past thirteen years. He feels his Christian values when dealing with staff, suppliers and customers has been a great strength and help to him.

His favourite bible verse is: Psalm 139 V5.’You hem me in behind and before, and you lay your hand upon me’.. Steve states, ”He takes care of your past, looks after your future and lays His loving hand upon all who seek Him”. Steve is a gifted leader, and brings qualities and wisdom to the leadership.

Steve is married to Jeannette, and they have been blessed with two now grown-up children and grandchildren.

 Phil Gawler

Phil is a member of the Senior Leadership team, and brings a depth of wisdom and discernment to the team, and to the church. Phil grew up in the Assemblies of God and has been involved in church leadership in the past. Phil is a gifted communicator and preacher with a heart and love for the local church.

Phil’s career as a Commercial Insurance Broker spans 35 years, starting in a small privately owned company in Bournemouth through working for various National and International Lloyds Brokerages including London based HSBC IB and New York based Marsh & McLennan.

Now retired and living in Verwood with wife Shelly and dog , Archie, Phil is keen to help others by practicing something he learned a long time ago.
“Love People – Use Things.”

Phil and Shelly have 3 daughters and one son plus 7 grandchildren between them.

‘Bethel Chapel is a healthy local church with a vision for growth and development, and a church leadership team in place to disciple, care and nurture the increase’.

Pastor Danny Miller

Pastor, Bethel Chapel