The Remnant

God has His church all over the world. We are part of an amazing Body of Christ and I am humbled to have brothers and sisters around the world who are sold out for Jesus and living out their faith under severe restriction and persecution. In the past few days my wife, Jo and I wrote to four pastors who are currently serving long prison sentences in China.

One of those pastors we wrote too was Pastor Wang Yi of Early Rain Covenant Church who was sentenced to nine years in prison on December 30th, 2019, days after a sudden and secret trial on December 26th. Pastor Wang was found guilty of “inciting subversion of state power” and “illegal business operations.” ??It was a privilege to have served with Back to Jerusalem for six years as their UK National Director. There were many trips to China and attending various ‘meetings’.

These are precious people who love God and are praying for their country. The same is for Russia where there are many believers across the country praying for their nation. In Ukraine there are many churches, though many no longer have their own buildings due to the bombings from the Russians. ??In Tehran alone there are over one million born-again Christians, and on my many visits to Iraq I have seen first hand of the increase of His Church. ??Be encouraged and be ready, God is on the move and He is building His Church around the world. And He hasn’t forgotten about England.